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  • Webinar Recording & Slides: Exploring Natural Approaches for Urinary Tract Health: Unveiling the Power of Herbs, Supplements, and Lifestyle Adjustments by Gabi Forrester 
  • The Kidney Cleanse Herbal Guide for Urinary Health
  • The New Roots Herbal professional zone for practitioners to access educational and clinical research on herbs and nutraceuticals and tools and resources to help your practice. 

About the webinar:

When it comes to supporting urinary tract health, exploring natural approaches can provide a wealth of benefits. In this presentation, we will delve into the world of natural remedies, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle adjustments that can contribute to maintaining a healthy urinary tract. By understanding the potential of these natural approaches, you can empower your clients to take proactive steps towards urinary tract wellness.

Speaker biography:

Gabi Forrester is a Naturopath, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Iridologist and Herbalist and has been in Practice for 20 years, seeing clients in person, delivering online courses and lecturing for Naturopathic Colleges.

“I believe that there is a real art to a Consultation that combines what we can observe about the person in front of us and marry up what we hear them say and what the lab results reveal. A true Naturopathic protocol should synergise all the elements to create a balanced solution”. 

Gabi has created Bridging the Gap between Nutrition and Herbs to help Practitioners remove the overwhelm and mystery of herbal remedies, and understand how and when to use market formulas in a safe and effective way, to bridge the gap between nutrition and herbs.

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