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What Makes New Roots Herba Unique?

  • At New Roots Herbal our complexes are formulated by naturopathic doctors, scientists and herbalists to address imbalances in a wide-range of chronic and acute health conditions.
  • We are committed to providing pure and high-quality nutrients and powerful botanical herbs that work synergistically to support the body.
  • The products are tested in our ISO-17025 accredited laboratory for potency and purity (including all contaminates, such as heavy metals and PCBs) through the production process to the final product. This we guarantee you! 
  • Our aim is to support and educate practitioners on the powerful synergetic properties of herbs and nutraceutical blends. Our Nutritional Therapist and online resources offer on-hand advice and guidance so you can provide the best programmes and service to your clients.

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Our commitments

Products of the highest quality, purity, and efficiency 

Strict quality controls in our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, from each individual ingredient to the final product.

Developed by experts in the field of medicine, biology, naturopathy, nutrition and more.

More and more healthcare professionals around the world are placing their trust in our brand, a guarantee of quality.

Our Best-Sellers

Emotional wellbeing


Women's Health

Quality, science, and nature... the combination that enables us to offer a wide range of products manufactured to the most stringent manufacturing GMP standards meeting the strict and demanding requirements of the Canadian and European health authorities.

(GMP = Good Manufacturing Practices)

Qualität, Wissenschaft und Natur... die Kombination, die es uns ermöglicht, ein breites Spektrum an Produkten anzubieten, die nach strengsten Herstellungsstandards (GMP, Gute Herstellungspraxis) gefertigt werden und die strikten und anspruchsvollen Anforderungen der kanadischen und europäischen Gesundheitsbehörden erfüllen.


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